Web application

A free webapplicaiton that helps you create awesome quotes

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Scholarly Search Engine

Web application

SSE is a seach engine that allows the user to make a customized database in google drive

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Pixel Colors

Collection - Art

A reposetory of pixel art color palettes

Circle Pong

Game - Unity - Programming

Circle Pong is a circular arcade game, made in 3 days with Unity for Lowrezjam.

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EXE integrator


A tool that can automatically detect executables and create shortcuts

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Trigonometry Calculator

Web application - Calculator

A trigonometry calculator with visual repesentation and calculations

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A-Team Service

Website - Branding

Branding, Website and Print designs for A-Team Service

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Hello! I'm a young developer. I do stuff on the web and with .net. I have experience with lots of things including:
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